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The home of oval track racing in George, Garden Route.  Smell the methanol fuel, hear the race cars revving to the limit and enjoy action-packed racing.

Welcome to the George Motor Club, the biggest oval track (stock car) club in the Garden Route area. Here you will find action-packed racing events, top-class drivers with excellent driving skills taking their race cars to the limit.  The thundering sound of hi revving race cars will provide a hair-raising experience with power sliding into and out of corners all the way to the finish line. The drivers have only one thing in mind, to be the first over the finish line.


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Classes to be seen in action battling it out for that first place includes Cross Karts, Mini’s, 1660’s, 2.1’s, Hotrods, Heavy Metals, 1660 Saloons and American Saloons (AMS).

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George Motor Club 2024 Race Dates 

George Motor Club 2024 Race Dates

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